Vereeniging Property Guide

Vereeniging is situated in the southern part of Gauteng Province, and its neighbours are Vanderbijlpark(to the west), Three Rivers (east), Meyerton (north) and Sasolburg (south). The city is currently one of the most important industrial manufacturing centres in South Africa, with its chief products being iron, steel, pipes, bricks, tiles and processed lime.

On the 25 November 1880 George William Stow purchased the farm Leeuwkuil for £5,000 and 12,000 acres. Marks' agent J.G. Fraser would purchase the farm Klipplaatdrift of 6,000 acres from Karl August Pretorius in October 1881 for ₤15,500. This was opposite the farm Maccauvlei. From 1881, coal was taken by ox-wagon to Kimberley and by 1882 there was much development that there was a need to survey a village on the two farms and the Volksraad agreed naming it after the company's shortened name Vereeniging.

Vereeniging established a municipality in 1912

Vereeniging consists of 29 suburbs, of which 7 forms part of Three Rivers:

  • Arcon Park & -Proper
  • Bedworth Park
  • Dickensonville
  • Duncanville
  • Falcon Ridge
  • Fisheagle Estate (Three Rivers)
  • Homer
  • Kubali (Three Rivers)
  • Leeuhof
  • Peacehaven & -Proper
  • Powerville
  • Randwater
  • Risiville (Three Rivers)
  • Roodt's Gardens
  • Sharpeville
  • Sonland Park
  • Spider Valley
  • Springcol
  • Steel Park
  • Three Rivers (Three Rivers)
  • Three Rivers Proper (Three Rivers)
  • Three Rivers East (Three Rivers)
  • Uitvlugt
  • Unitas Park
  • Vereeniging Central
  • Vischgat
  • Waldrift
  • Zuikerbosch
  • Zuikerbosch Estate (Three Rivers)

Since 1999, Vereeniging has been part of the Emfuleni Local Municipality, along with Vanderbijlpark and the smaller Three Rivers.

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