Sasolburg Property Guide

Sasolburg town, in the northern Free State province, South Africa, south of Johannesburg. Established in 1954, it was built by Sasol Ltd. (the former South African Coal, Oil, and Gas Corporation Ltd.) to house employees at the world’s first oil-from-coal plant producing commercial quantities of oil. The location was selected for its proximity to large coal deposits, the Vaal River, and the Witwatersrand markets. A variety of petrochemicals are also produced.

Sasolburg attained official town status in 1967.

Sasolburg is a sizeable town, measuring just less than 80 square kilometres in area that is situated in the South African province of the Free State.

Sasolburg is further sub-divided into three areas: Sasolburg proper, Vaalpark (a more affluent cluster of suburbs located about 5 km north of the Sasolburg CBD), Roodia industrial area and Zamdela.

Sasolburg and Vaal Park has their shopping centres, schools etc.

The Vaal River plays a big role in the property market of town houses and flat on the river.

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Meyerton Property Guide

Meyerton was established in 1891 and was named after Johannes Petrus Meyer, a field cornet and member of the Transvaal Volksraad.

It acquired municipal status in 1961. Since 2001, Meyerton has been the administrative centre for the Midvaal Local Municipality.

Meyerton consists of the CBD, residential suburbs, industrial areas and farming communities. Some of the prominent neighborhoods are;

  • Golfpark
  • Meyerton Ext 6
  • Meyerton Ext 4
  • Meyerton Ext 3
  • Sicelo
  • Henley-on-Klip
  • Boltonwold
  • Riversdal
  • Rothdene
  • Kookrus
  • Glen Donald
  • McKay Estates
  • Risiville
  • Valley settlements

Meyerton is often reported as being the home of the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls which officially opened in January 2007 at Henley-on-Klip, but Henley on Klip is in fact separated from Meyerton. Henley on Klip is a small village and a bird sanctuary outside of Meyerton.

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Vanderbijlpark Property Guide

Iscor Steel Works began operating in 1947 on a 100 km² area and Vanderbijlpark was proclaimed in 1949. The town attained municipal status in 1952. The founder of the town, Hendrik van der Bijl, had his old house situated in Grieg Street, in the affluent SW 5 proper suburb and these properties are now privately owned and still preserved in the area.

Vanderbijlpark is situated on the Highveld of South Africa on the banks of the Vaal River. Summers in the city are warm to hot.

Vanderbijlpark occupied an area of ±178 km².

Vanderbijlpark has been designed in a circular design, which differs from the traditional grid design of towns. The town is divided into four distinct residential blocks, namely:

  • CE (Central East)
  • CW (Central West)
  • SE (South East)
  • SW (South West)

The historical black townships Boipatong, Bophelong, Sebokeng, Evaton and Sharpeville are close to the city.

Later came Bonane, Flora gardens, Movango and Bedworthpark

Most of the houses were built by ISCOR during the 1947–1964 period, these homes are all built in exactly the same format in CW area. About 60% of the town's population lives in these homes. A few suburbs close to the Vaal Riverare modern and have wealthy areas. There are large and modern buildings and apartment buildings in the open areas around the CBD.

The suburb area SW5 Proper properties are some of the most extravagant and sought after houses in the Vaal triangle. Some of the stands in the area range between 2–4 acres. The stands used to be much bigger in the day of Dr Van der Bijl, however further development of the town increased the use of subdivided stands.

Another part of the Vaal's wealth lies on the Marlbank of the Vaal River towards Loch Vaal, west of the CBD. Some of these houses sized up to 2,000 m² and more. The area is often also referred to as "millionaires bend" and houses some of the most expensive homes in South-Africa, ranging into the R10 millions for an estate.

Vanderbijlpark is still expanding, with new areas, shopping malls and businesses.

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Vereeniging Property Guide

Vereeniging is situated in the southern part of Gauteng Province, and its neighbours are Vanderbijlpark(to the west), Three Rivers (east), Meyerton (north) and Sasolburg (south). The city is currently one of the most important industrial manufacturing centres in South Africa, with its chief products being iron, steel, pipes, bricks, tiles and processed lime.

On the 25 November 1880 George William Stow purchased the farm Leeuwkuil for £5,000 and 12,000 acres. Marks' agent J.G. Fraser would purchase the farm Klipplaatdrift of 6,000 acres from Karl August Pretorius in October 1881 for ₤15,500. This was opposite the farm Maccauvlei. From 1881, coal was taken by ox-wagon to Kimberley and by 1882 there was much development that there was a need to survey a village on the two farms and the Volksraad agreed naming it after the company's shortened name Vereeniging.

Vereeniging established a municipality in 1912

Vereeniging consists of 29 suburbs, of which 7 forms part of Three Rivers:

  • Arcon Park & -Proper
  • Bedworth Park
  • Dickensonville
  • Duncanville
  • Falcon Ridge
  • Fisheagle Estate (Three Rivers)
  • Homer
  • Kubali (Three Rivers)
  • Leeuhof
  • Peacehaven & -Proper
  • Powerville
  • Randwater
  • Risiville (Three Rivers)
  • Roodt's Gardens
  • Sharpeville
  • Sonland Park
  • Spider Valley
  • Springcol
  • Steel Park
  • Three Rivers (Three Rivers)
  • Three Rivers Proper (Three Rivers)
  • Three Rivers East (Three Rivers)
  • Uitvlugt
  • Unitas Park
  • Vereeniging Central
  • Vischgat
  • Waldrift
  • Zuikerbosch
  • Zuikerbosch Estate (Three Rivers)

Since 1999, Vereeniging has been part of the Emfuleni Local Municipality, along with Vanderbijlpark and the smaller Three Rivers.

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